Action VS Reaction 

Action VS Reaction 



Science Battle Of Brains.... One of our most interesting activity at ScienceSquad Africa
Science Battle Of Brains.... One of our most interesting activity at ScienceSquad Africa

ScienceSquad Africa is a science for education and economic development network for young people across Africa.

We also focus on science research and policy as tools to attain socio-economic benefits for African societies through engaging stakeholders and policy makers on ways to form partnership for the continent's development.

We provide year long opportunities for children and youth to learn and explore areas of science and technology using the new generation science standard.

We have a network of young science student members and their coordinators from across several African countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Rwanda, Gambia, Sierra Leone,  Liberia, Zambia, Namibia and still expanding. 

ScienceSquad Africa members participate in the Global Learning for the Benefits of the Environment (GLOBE) programme of NASA,United States.

A data collection and analysis research programme that introduces and motivates young secondary school students to STEM research.

Thank you YLACES (Youth Learning As Citizen Environment Scientists) United States for the supply of equipment for students at ScienceSquad Africa club, Abuja, Nigeria to carry out the GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Mapper protocol and report our observations to GLOBE. Our science research, ‘’Sampling, identification and observation of mosquito larvae in Kubwa area’’ a suburban municipality some kilometers outside the main city center in Abuja, Nigeria, will help introduce and expose young people of Africa to scientific research, the process of formation of the adult mosquitoes, and relationship of this stage of formation with the environment, the pathogens they carry as well as the most common species, with the aim of understanding why particular mosquito borne disease is common in our locality. 

This research will extend to all localities across the federation where the ScienceSquad Africa club is present and will be included in the Saturday weekend program called ‘’street scientist,’’ – a hands-on weekly activity of the science club. All students that participate in this data collection will present all they have documented, learned, and observed for other students to see, learn, and benefit. The student scientists will be mentored by Edwin Obaje, Founder of ScienceSquad Africa and a Globe certified observer. Research findings and data collected will also be uploaded to the Globe website.

Science Battle of Brains 

Science Battle of Brains is a science education quiz for young secondary school science students that takes place every Saturday 10am GMT on zoom.

Join ScienceSquad Africa and be eligible to participate and win yourself some cool cash while learning and studying at home during this Covid 19 isolation break.

How it works

Every weekend two registered members are selected to engage each other in our weekend science quiz tagged SCIENCE  BATTLE OF BRAINS in a face to face encounter on Zoom video conferencing application (temporarily due to Covid 19 lockdown), with other members from all across Africa also joining from their homes to serve as audiences, while the quiz mistress dishes out SS1 level questions selected from different topics in Biology, Chemistry,  Physics and Mathematics. 

A total of 40 questions are expected to be answered. 10 questions each for 4 rounds of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Each questions carries 5 marks and the contestant that gets the highest number of questions right with the highest number of points earned is declared winner.

Every registered member of ScienceSquad Africa is expected to participate 4 times in other to earn and also progress in their membership level .

Earnings and Membership level

1. A first time winner earns $5 and elevates to the Bronze level 

2. In two winnings earns $10 equivalent to Silver level 

3. In three winnings  earns $15 equivalent to Gold level

4. In four  winnings  earns $20 equivalent to Platinum level. 

At Platinum membership level, the participant becomes an Ambassador of Science Squad Africa 

Please note that any earnings accumulated will only be paid after participating 4 times on SCIBOB. 

Benefits of being an Ambassador 

1. Will be considered to represent your state in Science Battle of Brains national editions. 

2. Will be considered to represent your country at SCIBOB International editions. 

3. Will be given discounts when paying to attend any of our events such as excursions to different science organisations such as Dangote Refinery, National Space  Research and Development Agency and more as well as for international events such as the London International Youth Science Forum.

Please be aware that any ScienceSquad Africa Ambassador that is found to misrepresent the organisation through misconduct such as social vices and its likes, will be stripped of membership and banned from participating in future events.

Season 1 episodes so far (click on picture to expand).

SQUAD Members

To be a member you must be a secondary school science student in Africa, passionate about science and willing to learn from and teach others.

Benefits of being a member 

1. Revision of mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology with quality science teachers across Africa.

2. Participate in our Science Battle of Brains weekend quiz and win cash prizes

3. Participate in the Periodic Table Challenge 

4. Student science research and data collection through the Global learning for the benefit of the environment (GLOBE) programme of NASA, United States of America

5. Discounts for members for excursions to different science organisations across Africa and the world e.g Science museums, Planetarium etc.

6. Weekly science career Talks and mentoring from our professional members e.g doctors,engineers, scientists all across the world.

7. Meet new friends from different countries across Africa 

8. Participate in our annual Africa youth science forum at a discount for members. 

9. Certificates of  participation and membership 

10  Annual awards.

11. Recommendation letter and references from us whenever needed.


We have members for different countries across the continent below are some of them.